Introducing Our New Stay@Home Adventure Yoga Experience with Kid-Friendly Talk About Coronavirus!

A Healthy Alternative to Screen Time

Promote strength, flexibility, self-awareness and self-regulation while learning about Coronavirus and staying safe.

A healthy alternative to video games & screens

Perfect for kids

aged 3-6 years!

15 minutes yoga, songs, and fun - just for kids!

Helps kids learn healthy hygiene habits

We get it - it's tough getting enough exercise while we're all cooped up inside. Sometimes it just seems easiest to put kids in front of a screen so parents can actually get work done - or have some 'me time'.


Our Stay@Home Adventure yoga experience is a great alternative to video games, repetitive TV shows, and just 'sitting around.' This new video gives kids a healthy way to relieve stress, stay calm, and have fun. It's a 15-minute experience that combines yoga, song, dance and just all-around fun. Along the way, kids learn about Coronavirus in a friendly, approachable manner. And what could be better than your kids learning how to properly wash their hands?

Help Kids Beat the Self-Isolation Blues With a Calming Yoga Experience!


Brought To You By Yoga@Play

At Yoga@Play, children are encouraged to play yoga and experience mindfulness in a fun, magical way that creates a playful space.


Our classes combine yoga poses, mindfulness activities, games, music and stories to promote strength, flexibility, self awareness, and self esteem.

Breathing techniques are used to help teach children to focus, relax and develop self-regulation.

We seek to inspire kids to love and enjoy yoga, whatever yoga means to them at that point in their lives. We are here to provide them with a variety of tools they can take away, revisit and use throughout their lives.