The Scoop

Yoga in the K-12 school setting has grown at a fast pace in the United States over the past decade. This is largely because of the collaborative efforts of yoga and mindfulness organizations who are proving, through research, that yoga leads to academic achievement,

positive behavior and physical and mental well-being.




What We Offer

Yoga@Play classes ​incorporate yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualizations, group games, mindfulness activities, music, storytelling and lots of FUN! Through these activities, children are encouraged to experience yoga and mindfulness in a FUN ​non-judgmental and

non-competitive way. It gives them an outlet to reduce stress and anxiety and feel good about themselves inside and out. They learn to support each other with a focus on positive self image, self love and kindness towards themselves and others. Breathing techniques are used to help teach children to focus, relax and develop self-regulation.

Benefits of Yoga for Pre-School Children

● Greater physical strength, flexibility and coordination

● Better focus and self-control

● Improved confidence

● Enhanced body and breath awareness

● Reduced competitiveness

● Increased well-being, inner strength and self-love

● Enriched respect for others

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